EPM 0.1.4 @ youtube

läuft.robotcarnival and läuft.ivan back with the Element-Paper-Machine (EPM), Version 0 dot 1 dot 4 slash nonsense to make it sound more intricate.

A revamp of yesternights CCM 0.1, the EPM 0.1.4 features the already classical fan/light/flex array, now also controlling a drawing machine consisting of a heating element, paper, a motor, more gaffa-tape than screws, and various other things.

Also, läuft./_ dropped in and administered donuts at midnight. After some minutes collectively missing läuft.j, we had another test run, more donuts and called it a night 2.0 and went home.

Excuse the rather crappy documentation, but the drugs hadn’t fully kicked in yet.
EPM witnessed and approved by innocent bystanders and Roger, the security guard.


Pics_ctheds 02 @ flickr

läuft.robotcarnival presents:

Day 1 | Day 4 @ flickr, should be able to see them without having a flickr account etc. Unfortunatley, I happen to only have a free flickr account, which is limited to three sets – so if someone has a pro account with unlimited sets, contact me=)

CCM 0.1beta

läuft.robotcarnival presents:
The CCM 0.1 (beta),
the amazing machine that can turn itself on and off.
The CCM is running in the background, while I uploaded this video on youtube, checked my mail and am now typing this entry. Nice and meditative, the beamer’s deep blue and the machine, quietly working through it’s never ending loop.

MAX / MSP / PIZZA.edit


click on thumbnail to read MAX / MSP / PIZZA.edit patch & party proposal.
brought to you by läuft.

Day 2 – youtube

It’s a series of tubes. Also youtubes.
Here is, for your viewing pleasure – the polyphonia-patch in action.

Maywa Denki

The link to “Maywa Denki”, Vik just mentioned..


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Members: Joan, Ivan, Mattias and Patrick