Where to get things (when based in the nordic countries)

The cheapest and easiest place to get the arduino boards is electrokit in Sweden which has a selection of other things as well.

Another alternative is PCB Europe which also has other arduino related products.

For electrical components the most obvious choice would be ELFA or Farnell.

For the most basic components and for tools, Clas Ohlson is a possibillity.

My overall favourite shop is the American based Sparkfun which has a good selection of things for the arduino, sensors, add-ons, components etc. A thing to remember though is the shipping costs and custom expenses.

Mouser electronics has very good shipping rates internationally, as low as 25 usd-35usd with fedex priority, and a good selection.

If you want to get the parallax sensors you dont want to order them from their website as they have a ridiculously high shipping rate to Europe. I found a swedish webshop lawicel which carry most of the parallax products.


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