The schedule

Wednesday 24th October:
– Starts with experiments with light sensors to do something with the output from the 4 lamps from the day before. Where it ends is a mystery.
– Each group should find a gadget, kitchen appliance or toy that whizzes, buzzes and/or pops (220 v) so we can try stuff out on Thursday in relation to Morten Kvamme’s introduction to using relays for various electrical devices.

Thursday 25th October:
Morning session: HC demonstrates how to control 12 volts things with Arduino and the help of transistors (on/off and dimmer function).

Afternoon: Gradually extending the possibilities to include motors, electronic gadgets, etc.
Morten introduces himself, and then shows us how to use relays to control electrical appliances.

Friday 26th October:
First – a short meeting where participants describe their ideas, accomplishments and frustrations of the past 4 days. We have to start to connect the dots between the various experiments/groups/individuals. (Canceled due to group dispersement.)

Otherwise, its Morten’s day: More work with general electrical appliances.

Monday 29th October:
Let’s talk!
10-11 am: each group sets up something they have been working on to present to the rest of us.
11 – ?: Discussion time. Presenting ideas, accomplishments, etc. Thoughts about what will be presented on Friday.

Tuesday 30th
Jeff Mann enters the scene with his kinetic objects.
Pizza evening proposed by Patrick. Time ?

Wednesday 31st October:
Continue to work with input from Jeff.
Evening: We go to the opening of Jean-Pierre Gauthier’s kinetic sound exhibition at Lydgalleriet.
Link to JPG’s website here

Thursday 1st November:
We will move down to the project room on the 6th floor. By the end of the day the space must be organised for the presentation. There are several practical issues that we need to get sorted, including fire precautions (guards, etc). HC has the details.

Friday 2nd November:
We will present the results of the workshop.


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