EPM 0.1.4 @ youtube

läuft.robotcarnival and läuft.ivan back with the Element-Paper-Machine (EPM), Version 0 dot 1 dot 4 slash nonsense to make it sound more intricate.

A revamp of yesternights CCM 0.1, the EPM 0.1.4 features the already classical fan/light/flex array, now also controlling a drawing machine consisting of a heating element, paper, a motor, more gaffa-tape than screws, and various other things.

Also, läuft./_ dropped in and administered donuts at midnight. After some minutes collectively missing läuft.j, we had another test run, more donuts and called it a night 2.0 and went home.

Excuse the rather crappy documentation, but the drugs hadn’t fully kicked in yet.
EPM witnessed and approved by innocent bystanders and Roger, the security guard.


4 Responses to “EPM 0.1.4 @ youtube”

  1. ajsteggell Says:

    Nice work.

    So, the paper is getting burnt by the heat element. Is the temperature of the heating element being controlled by something? What is the light bulb doing?

  2. robotcarnival Says:

    The light bulb visualizes the time the heat element gets power – a security measure for the artists. the heating elements temperature is kept at an somewhat even level by the fan / flex sensor combination, turning it on and off.
    The next stage of the machinery will see a video camera “reading” the “prints” on the paper, feeding it into MAX, where it gets calculated into music, by some sort of a barcode-reading patch. Maybe.

  3. ajsteggell Says:

    The light bulb then reflects a threshold. That is good. I think you could enhance this bit. Is it possible to make this bit perceptible not just for the artists, but for others as well? The barcode thing is something I suspected when I watched you documentation. The video tracking will have to account for changing light conditions.

  4. Day 6 « Connect the Dots Says:

    […] A heating element from a kettle is mounted on a vertical board along with a paper roller. A flex sensor fixed to a piece of paper uses data when the paper is wafted to turn the heating element on and off at defined thresholds. When the heat is turned on a light bulb is illuminated. As the paper roller feeds paper between the rods of the heating element it burns the paper, creating barcode-like brown lines on it. The group plan to track the paper and the lines drawn on it with a webcam and max/map, and use this to create sound. One of the challenges is to get the system stable. During their demonstration the paper caught fire several times! Another will be to tackle the changing light conditions in relation to video tracking. See it in action here. […]

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