Day 5

By next Friday we should have put together a domino effect machine which we will have to present to folks outside the workshop. Today was supposed to start with a round-up of people’s ideas, with eventual demos of what they have achieved during the last week. However, the group is once again in disarray. Some of the participants have other commitments, and the rest are trying out stuff on their own steam.

One group is working with a wind sensor, a couple of fans and a piezo sensor that is taped to a paper cup. They are trying to make music by using the data derived from the wind sensor to create sound frequencies that you can here in the paper cup. Another group is trying to control little musical boxes with servo motors. Romunde is exploring the potentials of speech recognition to control a coffee maker. The Läuft group have been collecting more stuff from containers – amongst other things, a paper machine. The last group are using a piezo sensor on a small motor to create random data. I am unsure of what it is they want to do with the data, but they at least immersed in the work.


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