Day 4

Day 4 starts with a showing of Gymnopedie no. 1 as an example of a performance that uses pressure sensors (on/off switch mats), and by routing midi signals via Midipipe.

HC then demonstrates how to use 12 volt lamps as output on Arduino. Through this, we learn about
– transistors; how they can be used as switches and amplifiers (a way of controlling a larger signal with a weaker signal).
– diodes, that stop electricity going in the wrong direction.

Morten presents himself, and his work related to this workshop, such as his glitchy peice, “Flimmer” (2003) consisting of 100 light tubes (old tubes, in the last phase of their life) “37 degrees celsius”, (analogue method of turning on and off appliances to keep the room at body temperature – feeling inside temperature on the outside).

The big question is, “what is a relay?

hrmmmm…. it is .. ummmm …. an electrically controlled switch, generally used for switching high voltage/current with low  voltage/current. (etc, wikipedia gives a better description).

We look at time relays, which can’t be triggered via an external source (such as a 5 volt signal from Arduino) like the simple relay boxes. But by using them together, with the time relay at the end of the chain, it is possible to control the variable/time relays via via Arduino.

So today we have got 5 volt, 12 volt and 220 volt appliances to speak to each other. Ellen comes in with her wind sensor. We have several fanse spinning, lights blinking, a food mixer playing a guitar …. tomorrow is a new playground ….


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