MAX / MSP / PIZZA.edit


click on thumbnail to read MAX / MSP / PIZZA.edit patch & party proposal.
brought to you by läuft.


5 Responses to “MAX / MSP / PIZZA.edit”

  1. ajsteggell Says:


    So let’s find an evening ……..

  2. robotcarnival Says:

    Next week tuesday or thursday, I’d say. Then Joan should be back, too.
    I personally would vote for tuesday, thinking of potential crunch time on thursday night to get things working for friday’s presentation.

  3. kgwik Says:

    Next tuesday is fine with me… I´ll bring my favourite blue cheese

  4. ajsteggell Says:

    So we should announce Tuesday on Monday:-)

  5. ajsteggell Says:

    Thanks for your efforts with the Max/msp pizza edit. Great toppings. Great company. Great initiative.

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