Day 3

The day starts with a short intro by HC, where he shows the circuit bending maual from Haque/Somlai-Fischer, then he shows a few examples of their own work:
Sky Ear by Usman Haque.
Aleph by Bengt Sjölén and Adam Somlai-Fischer 2005.

He then shows diagrams he made of yesterday’s activities to illustrate how our “dots” were connected. I hope he posts them up here!

Onto the practical work …… he demonstrates how the computer controls something in Arduino (the board, not the software), and demonstrates how a small program can make applescripts ( applescriptproxy) to do the same on macs for those who don’t want to bother with other software (PD, max, etc). We then work with multiple outputs (2 leds) and multiple inputs (controlling 2 leds with 2 buttons).

After the lunch break it is all a bit dispersed and anarchistic. Not everybody is ready for more input form HC. Mattias is hacking into a remote control device and Romunde and Gabriel are using the buttons to turn on and off quicktime movies in Jitter. I have absolutely no idea of what the others are doing, but it seems quite intense.

When the people are ready for more, HC shows everyone how to do stuff with the button set up in MAX: how to control quicktime movies and sound in Jitter, and how to use the line object to get rid of unwanted signals coming in from the Arduino board via the serial port.

Next, a demonstration of some more sensors:

Photo resistor
Flex sensor (range 500-800 with built in resistor) – does anybody have a good idea of how to use it?
Temperature sensor (range 40 -125, low numbers on high temperature, built in resistor)
Infrared sensor for distances between 10 cm – 2 m
Ultrasound sensor, range about 10cm to 4m.
Piezo – input/output (sound). Worth noting is that, when using Piezos as sensors you have to use a 1 mega ohm resistor. Otherwise things can go very wrong.

After the formal session some people hang around to try stuff out. Morten Kvamme and HC get together to do some tests for tomorrow’s activities, which will be about how to work with general electrical appliances (using transistors so that Arduino can send signals to relay boxes), and control them with Arduino.


3 Responses to “Day 3”

  1. robotcarnival Says:

    Sorry for the anarchic dispersion. ’twas hard to cram both dumpster hunting and the battle against malnutrition into lunch break. =)

  2. ajsteggell Says:

    so, did you find anything interesting on the dumpster hunt?

  3. hcgilje Says:

    the ultrasound sensors (ping from parallax) had a bad day, working fine now. btw, they are not analog sensors, so use for instance this code from the arduino tutorials to get values from it:

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