Day 1

We meet in HC’s studio and carry tables, chairs and equipment up to the project room on the floor above. As there is a lot of echoing sound in the room we cover the floor with black carpet stuff. The room is set up, we are all squeezed in and it feels quite cozy.

Hc gives a short introduction to Connect the Dots. The idea being that by the end of the 2nd week we have made something that resembles a domino effect by connecting analogue and digital systems and materials together. He shows a documentary film – Fischli & Weiss’s “Der lauf der Dinge” (1985-87), as an inspiration. Gravity and chemical reactions cause processes, that when they reach a certain level, trigger new events. Then he humbly presents the different sensors that we have available during the workshop: light, proximity, potentiometres, pressure, temperature, ultrasonic, and more.

We then show OFFICE LIVE, by Techart Group (2006, Taiwan) as a more contemporary version of a similar idea, and perhaps more in keeping with what we will be doing during the workshop.

After the lunch break HC introduces us to Arduino boards and modules he’s put together. We divide into 4 groups and try out examples of what he calls the 4 principles of physical computing:

Digital inputs.
Digital outputs.

Analogue inputs.
Analogue outputs.

Through these examples we get to use the Arduino software to program the micro-controllers. The result is blinking and fading yellow and green led lights! We are all happy – at least for the time being.

Lastly HC demonstrates how the data derived by the sensors can be shown graphically using MAX (visual programming environment) as a way of sensing the changes that occur in relation to time.


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