This blog is about a physical computing workshop at Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway, that took place 22.10- 02.11.2007.

(photo: läuft)

It is led by HC Gilje (research fellow) and Amanda Steggell, with the contribution of Morten Kvamme and Jeff Mann.

The main focus is on exploration. A hands on approach to connecting spaces, people, objects, image, light, sound and movement by connecting simple software and hardware modules together. The participants divide into 4 groups – each group pursuing a particular area of interest. By the end of the workshop, the results of each group will be joined together to make one big, domino effect-like machine.

The participants are: Richardo Pozo, Kenneth Granaas, Johan Arvastsson, Mona Bentzen, Siri Sandersen, Ellen Røed, Rasmus Hungnes, Øyvind Mellbye, Gabriel Kvendseth, Kenneth G. Wikdahl, Romunde Klanderud, Chun Wing Lai (Vik), Elin Eriksson and Patrick Wagner.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. richardo78 Says:

    ok this is something we should look into!

  2. ajsteggell Says:

    Okay Richardo – tomorrow is the day to tell us your thoughts

  3. romunde Says:

    am in the blog! joho!

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